Dental Clinic

The Washtenaw County Dental Clinic proudly serves adults and children who are uninsured and low income, or who are enrolled in Medicaid, MIChild or Healthy Kids. Most, but not all Medicaid plans are accepted. 

Dental visits prevent health problems. Visit twice per year.

Dental Clinic

Washtenaw County Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is located in the Haab Health Building in downtown Ypsilanti. The clinic is downstairs from Neighborhood Family Health Center and two blocks from the bus station. My Community Dental Clinics operates the clinic for Washtenaw County Health Department. In February 2018, the Washtenaw County Dental Clinic celebrated its third anniversary.

Help Finding Affordable Dental Care

If you need help with Medicaid or finding affordable dental care, talk to the experts at the Washtenaw Health Plan. Visit the Health Care Counts website or call 734-544-3030 for more information.

Oral Health in Washtenaw County

Please see the Washtenaw County Dental Health Assessment.

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All new patients must register by calling the central registration number 877-313-6232. You can also complete the online form, and the staff will call you back to schedule your first appointment. New patients in need of immediate treatment should call 877-313-6232 and tell the staff about any emergency needs when registering.

The clinic accepts most, but not all Medicaid plans.

Sliding Fee Scale

For patients without dental insurance, there is a sliding fee scale. Initial visits are $39 and include an exam, x-rays and a treatment plan. Patients can apply to get reduced rates by showing the clinic their income verification. For more information about these options, visit the My Community Dental Centers website.

Washtenaw County Dental Clinic Information
Clinica Dental del Condado de Washtenaw

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