Victim / Witness Services


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Following a crime, a victims life can be turned upside down. The experience of being a crime victim can create different emotional, physical and financial responses from every person. Witnesses of the crime can also be adversely affected. The Victim/Witness Unit of the Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorneys Office treats each crime victim and witness as a unique individual and attempts to provide services in the best possible way for that person.

Victim Advocates

The Victim/Witness Unit consists of eight Victim Advocates who work with victims of felony, misdemeanor and juvenile crimes. Victim Advocates are compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable about criminal court proceedings. You may send any inquiries by email to the Prosecutor's Office.

Crime Victims Rights Act

In 1985, the Crime Victims Rights Act created comprehensive rights of notification and participation in all stages of the criminal justice process for felony crime victims in Michigan. In 1988, the law was amended to include the victims of serious misdemeanors and juvenile offenses. In addition, effective December 24, 1988, the Article I, Section 24,added to the Constitution of the State of Michigan. This amendment gave constitutional authority for the statutory rights of crime victims, provided legislative authority to enforce victims rights, and provided legislative authority to assess convicted defendants to pay for crime victims rights.

The Victim/Witness Unit provides the rights of victims of crime as established by the Crime Victims Right Act P. A. 87 of 1985. When a victim requests their rights, which can be requested here, Victim Advocate services can include:

  • Notifying victims of any scheduled court proceedings
  • Updating victims on case status and any known change in court dates
  • Accompanying and supporting victims in court
  • Providing court orientation
  • Explaining the court process and procedures
  • Providing privacy prior to a court appearance
  • Helping with the return of personal property
  • Assisting victims with Victim Impact Statements
  • Employer intervention
  • Providing information and assistance in filing an application for Crime Victim Compensation
  • Providing information and assistance with restitution (PDF)
  • Providing information and referrals for community services
  • Act as liaison between the victim and other criminal justice agencies such as the police, courts, and probation department

You may request your rights by completing this form.

You may complete and submit the restitution form and any documentation you have as soon as possible.