Juvenile Probation

The purpose of juvenile probation is to protect the community while assisting young people to avoid delinquent behavior and to grow into socially responsible adults. Youth on probation are supervised in the community, in the schools, and in their homes.


The specific goals of probation supervision are to:

  • Protect the community
  • Hold offenders accountable for their acts
  • Increase the competencies of probationers

Basic Tasks & Duties

Juvenile probation officers are required to:

  • Conduct pre-disposition assessments, including assessing risks and needs
  • Developing individualized supervision plans
  • Presenting court reports
  • Supervising youth
  • Providing appropriate incentives and consequences
  • Monitoring completion of the supervision plans
  • Closing cases upon completion

Intensive Probation

The purpose of intensive probation supervision is to protect the community while holding serious or chronic offenders accountable for their acts and increasing their skills and competencies.

Intensive Probation is based on the philosophy of risk control, incorporating containment, accountability, and rehabilitative goals through a combination of highly structured supervision and services.


Intensive probation supervision includes:

  • Phased system of controls
  • Case planning and continuous case management
  • Core service requirements
  • A system of swift rewards and graduated sanctions