Aura Rosser Investigation

This is a re-release of the documents pertaining to the death of Aura R. Rosser. These documents were originally available from February 3, 2015 through May 31, 2015.

February 3, 2015

To the People of Washtenaw County,

The fatal shooting of Ms. Aura Rosser by an Ann Arbor Police Officer has understandably generated great interest. Because of that interest and concern, we are posting material amassed during the investigation of this shooting on our website so that it is available without the necessity of filing a Freedom of Information Act request.

Washtenaw County Michigan 1826

After a review of the investigation conducted by the Michigan State Police (MSP), I have concluded that the shooting was a justifiable homicide, that is, that the Officer acted in lawful self-defense.

The twelve page memorandum prepared by Chief Assistant Prosecutor Steven Hiller and myself is available on this website.

As soon as possible, most of the materials compiled in the investigation will be available on this site. That material will include reports by employees of the Ann Arbor Police Department, the Michigan State Police, including reports from lab scientists/technicians of the MSP Crime Laboratory, an autopsy report by the County Medical Examiner, photographs from the home where the shooting occurred, witness statements, a 911 call, Ann Arbor Police radio traffic, Ann Arbor Police in-car video, statements of witness, and other information.

Those who choose to view the information are warned that some of the documents and recordings include coarse language and deal with subjects that some may find very disturbing. The photographs depict the aftermath of a violent incident, and are not be suitable for everyone. Children especially may find the contents of these pages very upsetting. Please exercise caution and discretion when viewing this website.

Some of the materials will include redactions. For instance, personal identifier information (dates of birth, social security and other identifying numbers) will be redacted. Other words of phrases may also be removed. All redactions will be obvious, and a record of the nature of the redacted material and the reason for the redaction will be published here as well. Nothing that was pertinent to a determination of whether the death of Ms. Rosser was, or was not, the result of lawful self-defense will be redacted.

Ms. Rosser's mental health treatment records will not be posted on our website. Photographs taken by the Medical Examiner's Office are part of that office's the autopsy file, and may not be released under to Michigan law.[1] Photographs taken at the crime scene by police investigators which show Ms. Rosser's partially clothed body will either not be released or, if necessary to a full disclosure of the facts of the investigation, released with masking. These steps are being taken out of respect for Ms. Rosser's family and in the interests of common decency.

This information is being released in the interests of transparency in the now concluded investigation and my decision regarding this tragic event. The release of information is not intended to, and will not limit or expand the public's statutory rights under the Freedom of Information Act, but I believe that in making this information available this office is acting in the public interest.

Brian L. Mackie

[1] Michigan Compiled Laws section 333.2855a