Indigent Defense Fee Schedule

The following policy shall govern the claims submitted by appointed attorneys in circuit court cases.

A.  Attorneys shall be appointed for circuit court cases in accordance with Local Administrative Order C22 2019-03J  P82 2019-02J. Appellate attorneys shall be appointed in accordance with the procedures established by Michigan Assigned Appellate Counsel System.

B.  The maximum billing rate shall be $150.00 per hour. All bills shall be submitted on court approved forms (see attached).

C.  The 22nd Circuit Court Administrator’s Office shall be responsible for processing Statements of Services. When requesting compensation for services in addition to the established flat rate fee attorneys must submit an explanation as part of the Statement of Services for consideration by the assigned judge and the Chief judge for approval of any additional fees. All Statements of Service must be submitted no later than three (3) months from the last court event in the assigned case. 

D.  The following maximum "caps" are effective for felony cases and include all proceedings:


Exam not held - disposed in district court


Exam held - disposed in district court


CIRCUIT COURT CASES (includes district court events)

Plea agreement cases - no exam held:


Plea cases - exam held


Cases in which trial is held (up to three (3) days)0


Cap for each trial day thereafter


E.   Exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing along with the fee schedule to Court Administration. These requests will be submitted to the assigned judge for approval.

F.   This policy is effective for all cases filed after May 1, 2019.