Magistrate Fink

Elisha V. Fink is the third generation of her family to serve as part of the judiciary in the 14A District Court. She was appointed as a part time Magistrate in 2012, and has been serving full time since December of 2014. Magistrate Fink presides at all locations of the 14A District Court. She is a member of the Washtenaw County Bar Association, and the State Bar of Michigan. View Magistrate Fink’s full biography.


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A letter is needed from the attorney making the request containing the Case Name and Number, date for completion of transcription, and date and type of hearing requested. Your request can be mailed to either of the following:


Attention: Magistrate Recorder
14A-2 District Court
415 W Michigan Avenue
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Fax: 734-484-6697
Email the Court

Attention: Magistrate Recorder
14A-1 District Court
4133 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48107
Fax: 734-973-4693
Email the Court

Adjournment Policy

Requests for a two week adjournment of Civil and Misdemeanor Hearings can be made by stipulation and order for adjournment. 

  • Requests for cases heard at the 14A-1 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-1 Clerk's office at 734-973-4693. 
  • Requests for cases heard at the 14A-2 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-2 Clerk's office at 734-484-6697. 
  • Requests for cases heard at the 14A-3 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-3 Clerk's office at 734-475-0460. 
  • Requests for cases hears the 14A-4 District Court should be faxed to the 14A-4 Clerk's office at 734-429-2879.

Each party to a civil infraction is permitted only one adjournment of an informal hearing 48 hours prior to the court date without the permission of the Magistrate. Additional adjournments or requests within 48 hours of the court date require the approval of the Magistrate. Please call the court that your case is to be heard at: 

  • 14A-1 Phone: 734-973-4545
  • 14A-2 Phone: 734-484-6690
  • 14A-3 Phone: 734-475-8606
  • 14A-4 Phone: 734-429-2504